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Now In Heavy Rotation - Frank Ocean "Bad Religion"

Here's a live performance from Jimmy Fallon of Frank Ocean's Bad Religion, the much talked about song from his new album "Channel Orange".

This song has generated plenty of buzz simply because the lyrics contain an expression of unrequited love from a young black man to another man.

The hip-hop & R&B community in general has been surprisingly supportive, although people like Stevie Wonder have developed a case of foot-in-mouth disease over the lyrics.

I've had this in heavy rotation for a couple of weeks now, but am just now getting around to mentioning it. This video was the only one I could find on YouTube, and it was posted by some aspiring rapper who added a blaring promo at the end of the video selling beats to hip-hop producers.

Then I found a service called TubeChop that allows you to trim the beginning and end of any video on YouTube, which is a feature that YouTube should offer itself, but that's another matter entirely.

Cameron Crowe's Singles Turns 20

Lately it seems like the sole purpose of the internet is to remind me that I'm old. Case in point: IMDB has informed me that Cameron Crowe's Singles hit theatres twenty years ago today.

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in the theatre while my date Tracey drooled over Chris Cornell's bare chest and I played Spot The Album Cover during the scene where Campbell Scott showed his record collection to Kyra Sedgwick. "Look! That's a Smithereens album!" (Tracey and I had different priorities.)

Singles is one of those Cameron Crowe projects where the soundtrack tends to overshadow the movie, which I think is unfair. The soundtrack was essential in exposing Seattle bands to a wider audience, but the movie is an excellent relationship dramedy that's well worth seeing, or revisting if you haven't seen it a while. Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man gives it two thumbs up.

It also served as a warm-up for Almost Famous, providing an insider's look at a struggling young band trying to make it in a music scene that was just about to explode.

And on a personal note, Singles provided me with several sound bites that are used on Dynamic Range Radio. Have you ever heard that one about traffic jams being God's way of saying listen to the radio? That came from Singles, and there are a couple of memorable quotes from Cliff Poncier, played by Matt Dillon, that I've used as well.

I'd like to think that Citizen Dick is still plugging away somewhere, waiting for that big break. Maybe Cliff cut his hair to fit in with modern fashions, and maybe they moved to Belgium to capitalize on their loyal following over there.

With a Soundgarden reunion album set to hit stores this fall, I can't think of a better time to revisit Singles, which is a snapshot of a moment in time that was an important part of my youth.